aquí viene otra explicación por el mal management financiero global de los últimos años que fue determinado por el economist Horst Siebert y coined “el efecto de cobra”:

The cobra effect is a solution for solving a problem that could make it worse. The term is often used to illustrate the causes of wrong stimulation in economy and politics. It goes back to a historical event in India. A British governor wanted to stop a cobra plague in India but the British were in fear of these animals. So they tried to pay the Indians for every dead snake a money. In the beginning, the concept worked out well. More and more dead snakes were going to be delivered. In the further development, the number of snakes did not decrease, but increase when the Indians started to breed cobras to earn a living of it. When the money was canceled after a period of time, the breeders setted the animals free as there was no further use for them. Due to the money the number of Cobras had been multiplied. The apparent solution for the problem made the situation even worse.

nice analogy.