Ja. Resulta que la palabra famoso/a viene de las famosae de Roma antigua. Usted se preguntará que era una famosae en esos tiempos:

The Delicatae and Famosae were far above the level of common prostitutes. The Delicatae were well-kept women, usually from higher-classed families. Famosae also came from well-off families, choosing to sell their bodies usually for extra money or to influence politics by means of using powerful men. They were not found working at brothels, inns, or taverns, nor were they seen walking about the shady spots of the city. Many invited clients to their own homes. The Delicatae and Famosae did not dress like prostitutes, and were only distinguished from virtuous women by the superior elegantness of their dress and the swarm of admirers that followed them around. These women were often the mistresses of wealthy men. Little was written about them in historical texts, but their existence is evident in the works of Homer, Catullus, Propertius, Tibullus, and Ovid (Sanger 77). Articulo completo

segun la wikipedia, famosae significa literalmente “palomas sucias (o caidas) de buena familia”.

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